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3 Game-Changing Tips to Help Corporations Find the Perfect Food Truck Builder

legionfoodtrucks - June 15, 2018 - 1 comment

Investing in a fleet of custom food trucks is a great way for corporations to expand their brand awareness, increase revenue goals, and test local markets to see where new pockets of customers exist. It is also an ideal way to give your branded image a modern upgrade.

Earlier this year the mega-franchise Burger King worked with a custom food truck builder for corporate customers to build 40 new trucks to service eaters across the country. They also made an aggressive move alongside the addition of food trucks by hiring David Beckham, Jay Leno, Salma Hayek, and Mary J. Blige to appear in upcoming commercials. They also gave their menu a modern boost to better target mothers, families, and Baby Boomers with healthy alternatives to their standard fare. At the end of the day, food trucks drove the new campaign, spread awareness, and increased their average quarterly revenue by an estimated 32 million dollars.

When corporate clients look for a food truck builder, they may already know what they are looking for in terms of who to partner with, while others may only have an idea. This article will help large businesses determine which food truck company is the best option to meet all their needs, and even exceed them.

food truck builderFood Truck Company Locations Mean Nothing

One of the biggest mistakes made by corporations looking for branded food truck companies is to limit their search to their local area or even their state. The best food truck companies that work with some of the biggest business names in the country have clients from California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois. In other words, businesses savvy to the hallmarks of an exceptional food truck manufacturer will not be shy to partner with a food truck builder located 2000 miles away or more. When looking for a food truck company, the location should have no bearing on your decision-making process.

Study the Food Truck Company Portfolio

Your success in achieving all the associated goals that come with investing in a fleet of food trucks means your builder should have a healthy portfolio of large corporate clients that meet your company’s size and needs. Don’t settle with a company that has only build food trucks for the mom and pop clients; while these customers are indeed valuable look for multiple corporate clients like Google, Jack in The Box, Warner Brothers, Burger King, and other mega players that have high standards and demands. You should also look for food truck companies with repeat corporate customers–a huge indicator they are on the top of their game in satisfying the needs of big business expansion.

Demand Each Truck Meets High-Quality Corporate Standards

It’s hard to believe, but even the best food truck builders in America use the same aesthetics and manufacturing methods that are 50 years old, and most companies that hire them aren’t savvy enough to know any better. A high-quality food truck company for corporate clients will outfit a food truck with a kitchen that mirrors the same one used in the brand’s restaurants. Basically, it will look like a custom, modern kitchen on wheels. The best custom food truck builders have extensive kitchen knowledge and know-how to create a look with exceptional craftsmanship and modern equipment with all the addons and workable spatial layout to create something that stands out from the competition.

Is Your Company Ready to Learn More About Food Truck Options?

If you found value in these three tips we invite you to download this FREE GUIDE designed to help corporations choose a food truck builder. From permitting to state-of-the-art quality, this guide will empower your ability to partner with an ideal food truck company that can help expand your business.

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