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4 Tips for Hiring a Custom Food Truck Builder

legionfoodtrucks - July 24, 2017 - 0 comments

Owning and operating a food truck business is a luxury and a joy; it is a profitable industry, you meet interesting people every day, you work where and when you want to, and you are your own boss. But like any other job, you need a strong foundation to turn a profit and become an industry favorite among your customers. By now you probably have a business name picked out, you know what your menu will offer, and now you need to find an affordable, high-quality custom food truck company that can transform your dream into a reality. Here are four tips for finding the best food truck builder.

1. High-Quality Custom Food Truck, Without Compromise

You have a lot of options when it comes to food truck builders, and like any other big purchase, the value should be your number one priority. You can find food truck manufacturers that charge half the price compared to others, but this doesn’t mean you are getting value. Imagine the expense it will cost if you buy a poor-quality truck outfitted with shoddy food truck equipment, and it breaks down. Not only will you need to pay for repairs but you will be losing money by being off the street. Also, you run the risk of competitor trucks taking your spot while your truck is being repaired. Your best bet is to find a high-quality food truck builder that only uses the best equipment while offering fair and competitive pricing.

2. Make Sure they See your Vision

Your food truck isn’t simply built to achieve logistic goals and meet the requirements to produce your menu items; it is also a moving advertisement on wheels and a powerful branding machine. The food truck builder you hire needs to not only recognize this but fully immerse himself into your brand’s identity and your marketing goals in order for your vision to become a reality.

3. Your Builder Should Know the Market

When it comes to hiring a custom food truck builder, you will have a better quality vehicle when the manufacturer understands your market. This may not seem like a huge requirement. But when something is built with an understanding of the market it will be competing in, you can bet for an all-around better product. Legion Food Trucks take into account your geographic zones, cuisine type, and your direct competition when constructing a food truck that will be the local force to be reckoned with.

4. Creativity is a Must

Often, business owners seeking a custom food truck will put most of their focus on quality and value, but finding a true creative should never be put on the back burner. You can have a food truck hand-constructed with the finest parts and latest equipment, but without a creative touch, you will be losing customers. Remember, people eat with their eyes first. Your food truck will not only be competing with other mobile kitchens but also with brick and mortar restaurants. If you don’t have a creative concept with eye-catching graphics and colors to tie in your branding with what your customers want, you will be missing out on a huge slice of your consumer audience.
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