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Choosing The Right Food Truck Pizza Oven

legionfoodtrucks - October 12, 2022 - 0 comments

Good pizza chef’s know how important it is to use the right oven. In fact, your reputation may depend on it.

Customers know what they like and the difference between a crispy crust and a floppy crust can make it or break it for your business. If you want that precious word-of-mouth advertising to be kind to you, you need to choose the right food truck pizza oven.

Whether it’s wood-fired, electric, or gas-powered, here are some of the top pizza ovens for your food truck:

What Is the Right Food Truck Pizza Oven?

When choosing a food truck pizza oven, the key determinants are the type, size, weight, and basic installation requirements. Here are the different types of ovens and the benefits/uses of each oven:

The Alfa Pro

Ideal for authentic Italian pizza, the Alfa Pro food truck pizza oven is small, light, and robust (2.5 mm thick). It takes half an hour to reach the working temperature and has a heating capacity of 900°F. The oven has good resistance to road stresses, doesn’t affect the truck, and saves on power consumption. In an hour, it can bake 150 pizzas.

The Latest Food Truck Equipment and Technologies CTA

Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500

This pizza oven has a cooking surface of 27×22 inches, weighs 550 pounds, and comes in either copper or silver colors. It has a unique heating system, Flame Roll, that pulls the flame horizontally across the top of the dome and then vertically down the side. With a heat resistance of over 1000°F, this oven cooks four pizzas in a row without extra firewood. The oven kit comes with all the necessary tools for baking.

Traditional Brick Pizzaioli Wood Fire Oven

With a cooking surface of 39 x 39 inches, triple-insulated covers, and fast cooking time, this pizza oven can bake two 12″ pizzas at a time. It adds dense pizza flavor and creates a Mediterranean style in a truck. The ovens take up to an hour to heat up. A complete kit includes an iron door, a ceramic Portuguese baking dish, a thermometer (0 – 932°F), and a special anti-cracking patch kit – Ultra Fire.

The Oven

This high-quality gas oven by Summerset uses natural gas or liquefied propane for outdoor use. Observe fire, gas, and ventilation protocols when installing this oven in your trailer or workstation. The ovens are freestanding with extra side tables, a storage drawer, and a window at the front with a temperature gauge. The cooking area is fit for 16″ pizzas.

KITMA 26L Countertop Convection Oven

Made from high-quality stainless steel and double pane tempered glass, the  KITMA 26L oven bakes, toasts, and keeps food warm. This commercial pizza oven has a maximum 500° F temperature, large capacity, easy to clean, and takes two hours to bake. A complete package comes with three racks, a domestic sheet, a fan, and an interior light. It is an easy-to-install pizza oven model.

Customize Your Truck With the Right Pizza Oven Today

Whether an established restaurant or an aspiring entrepreneur launching your first business, choosing the right food truck pizza oven is a game changer. Hopefully, this article has given you a better idea of what to look for when purchasing your food truck pizza oven. 

At Legion Food Trucks, we build fully customized, state-of-the-art food trucks and eliminate the hassle of getting licenses, permits, and approvals from the local health department. Use our online food truck builder to create your custom food truck and receive a free quote.

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