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Building a Food Truck 101: Selecting Kitchen Equipment

legionfoodtrucks - September 7, 2023 - 0 comments

Building a food truck can be a challenging task. It requires meticulous planning due to the compact and limited space. And when it comes to the kitchen, you’ll still need equipment similar to that in full-sized restaurants. Plus, you may also need to comply with certain regulatory codes and standards

That’s why we’ve prepared this short yet comprehensive guide to outline the most common equipment to consider when building a food truck. 

Food Truck Cooking Equipment 

Building a food truck kitchen mirrors the traditional brick-and-mortar design. Despite its smaller size, the food truck’s kitchen must accommodate cooking, cleaning, cooling, and serving areas. Depending on your truck’s menu, you’ll need various cooking equipment, including: 

  • Fryers: You’ll need fryers for frying foods quickly to add a crispy texture. 
  • Griddles: Griddles and grills are flat cooking surfaces for preparing pancakes, burgers, and sandwiches. 
  • Ranges: Cooktop with burners for versatile cooking, like boiling and simmering. 
  • Microwave: A microwave will rapidly heat and reheat food items. 
  • Toaster: You may need toasters to toast bread and heat smaller food items. 

Remember, when using gas equipment, opt for models compatible with liquid propane and not natural gas. 

Dishwashing Stations: 3-Compartment Sink 

Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar or mobile kitchen, sanitation facilities are a must. You need a dishwashing station for cleaning your food truck’s equipment, such as utensils and other dinnerware. 

Although you have such a confined space, you should use a 3-compartment utility sink to separately wash, rinse, and sanitize your truck’s equipment, including cooking utensils. To prevent water from splashing out and contaminating nearby food, consider high-wall sink models. 

Refrigeration System 

For proper food storage, you may need refrigerators or freezers. You have to consider optimal food storage conditions when building a food truck. And with so many options in the market, you should research until you find the perfect model for your needs. 

Storing food at the optimal temperature doesn’t require sacrificing valuable counter space. If you’re short on space, consider under-counter and worktop refrigerator units. Otherwise, you need to check the weight of the appliances so you don’t add loads of heavy equipment to your truck. 

Other Kitchen Equipment 

In addition to the cooking equipment, refrigerators, and dishwashing stations, you’ll also need three other food truck equipment, namely: 

  • Exhaust Hood: Also called a range hood, it provides ventilation above the cooking area, eliminating smoke and odors. 
  • Concession Window: This serves as the customer service point, allowing clients to receive their orders conveniently. 
  • Water Tanks: Two tanks are needed—one for fresh water and another for wastewater—to support cooking and cleaning operations. 

In other words, this equipment ensures a clean and odor-free cooking environment in your food truck kitchen setup, not to mention the concession window that enables efficient customer service. 

Customize Your Food Truck With Legion Food Trucks 

Building a food truck and setting up the kitchen can be daunting tasks. The necessary equipment and supplies will depend on your business model and menu. In this ever-growing industry, you should research thoroughly before selecting equipment that fits your specific needs. 

At Legion Food Trucks, we offer more than just building custom food trucks. We are your experienced creative partner and business mentor. With a comprehensive solution, we manage custom manufacturing, business filings, and financing services. Reach out to our food truck experts to build your dream food truck.

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