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How To Start a Mobile Coffee Truck: Everything You Need To Know

legionfoodtrucks - March 29, 2023 - 0 comments

If you’ve been toying with the idea of selling coffee but don’t know where to start, consider starting a mobile coffee truck. Compared to the traditional coffee shop, a mobile coffee truck has distinct advantages and attractions. 

For starters, the capital outlay required to get your truck up and running is minimal when compared with the prohibitive costs of setting up a coffee shop. Additionally, a truck allows excellent flexibility – you can decide to serve clients in varied locations or opt to market to special events such as weddings and corporate meetings. Since operating a truck is much cheaper than running a coffee house, such operations will be profitable.

Let’s look at how to get started.

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1. Develop A Unique Mobile Coffee Truck Brand

Your success as a coffee truck business will be influenced by the uniqueness of your products and services. Look around for companies with which you’ll be competing. What will make your product more appealing than what’s already there? In answering these questions, it’s imperative to choose the kind of coffee to be offered carefully and uniquely designed for your truck.

2. Find Out About The Licenses And Permits Required

To operate the coffee truck legally, you’ll be required to obtain various licenses and permits. Find out all the requirements needed. Apart from the permit, getting health certificates is necessary. To ensure full compliance, visit the local licensing authorities and align all paperwork.

3. Identify Your Customers

Customer identification is of critical importance. Are you entering the business to fill a void existing companies have failed to address? Is there an intent to locate your business in a particular location for certain days of the week? Could you also be considering serving customers at special events? Identifying potential customers will help decide the equipment to acquire and the menu type.

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4. Compile A List Of The Equipment Required On Your Truck

The mobile truck could be your most significant piece of equipment, but the business will require other pieces of vital equipment. For instance, a generator that will provide an alternative power source. Depending on what kind of coffee you intend to serve, coffee grinders and a fridge are additional equipment required. Making a complete list of the equipment you need will help create a reliable start-up budget.

5. Identify Sources Of Funds

There are many choices of mobile coffee trucks depending on the number of funds available. Are you buying a new truck or a used one? Does your vehicle need a trailer? What’s the process of ascertaining that the truck does not fail the health inspection checks? Before buying the truck, you’ll need to complete your budget and weigh it against the available funds. If the funds are insufficient, look around for financing options from traditional lenders, family, or strategic investors.

Own A Mobile Coffee Truck Today

Starting a mobile coffee truck is a great way to break into the food truck business. They require less equipment, have fewer overhead costs, and are not subject to as many food safety regulations as a typical food truck.

Legion Food Trucks is here to provide assistance with vehicle and equipment selection, licensing and permitting, financing, and anything else you need to launch your business. Contact us to learn more.

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