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What Will 2021 Look Like for the Food Truck Business?

legionfoodtrucks - December 29, 2020 - 0 comments

The food truck business has continued to manifest resilience in the face of the uncertainties wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Opportunistic operators are taking their trucks to residential areas while using technology to reach out to customers. If you plan to start a food truck business, you can build your food truck even as you learn about the trends to look out for in 2021.

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Moving to the Suburbs

Most businesses have seen their business dry up since the pandemic struck in March. Industry insiders note that there has been a steep decline in office workers and street traffic, leading to loss of business. However, smart food truck business owners are taking advantage of their flexibility to change location, markets, and menus.

They have moved from financial districts and office areas to parks, boroughs, and streets in residential areas. These operators aim to take advantage of the large number of people working from home. Others are targeting customers in catered events, small private gatherings, and drive-in movie theaters. For customers, this approach enables them to maintain spontaneity in outside catering without needing to plan ahead.

Increased Demand for Sustainability

Millennials and Generation Z are the largest customer segment for food trucks. These customers are conscious of the devastating effects of climate change and the need to take proactive action. Consequently, food truck operators who want to grow have to source food sustainably and increase their organic options. They may also need to provide labeling that indicates that most of the ingredients are sourced locally.

New Technologies

The reduced use of cash in transactions has led to the increased use of digital ordering and payment methods. The increased adoption of technology reduces contact and minimizes the risk of spreading COVID-19. For food truck business owners, technology has the added advantage of reducing lines and waits. Many operators have introduced customized apps and are collaborating with food delivery companies to increase sales.

At the same time, more food truck operators are increasing their visibility on social media. They are no longer satisfied with traditional platforms like Twitter and Facebook and are quickly adopting new platforms more flamboyant platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. In addition, most food trucks now offer wi-fi services for customers to use while eating.

Increase Order Ahead Sales

Since March, the proportion of revenue that food truck operators make from order ahead sales has increased to 50%. This has given operators respite after social distancing rules hurt their business by prohibiting long lines and reducing foot traffic. It is likely that operators will leverage technology to increase order ahead volumes in 2021. 

Improved Business Prospects

The pandemic has devastated the restaurant industry in 2020. However, the mandated closures and social distancing rules have not stopped people from eating out or enjoying outside catering. Food trucks offer a creative alternative to brick-and-mortar restaurants to reach out to customers who want outside catering near their homes. Food trucks come with the advantage of high mobility and low overhead costs.

Legion makes customized food trucks for customers in the catering and restaurant industry. We go from concept to design and construction and adhere to the strict health codes in the food industry. Contact us today to turn your dream food truck into reality. 

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