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3 Food Truck Fryer Options to Consider

legionfoodtrucks - June 8, 2022 - 0 comments

A food truck business is viable for anyone looking for a full-time venture. You can customize an existing truck into your desired mobile food stall. With the availability of a wide range of food truck fryer options, you can start small and grow your business. Read on to learn the benefits and shortcomings of the 3 top food truck fryers.

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How to Choose the Right Food Truck Fryer

When choosing the right food truck fryer for your business, you should consider the available space and budget. The selected fryer should fit in the available space, be compatible with the power source, offer the required services, and fit within your budget. Here are 3 top food truck fryers for you to consider:

Nurxiovo Electric Commercial Deep Fryer

The Nurxiovo model tops the list of commercial deep fryers that anyone starting a food truck business should consider. It comes with two deep-frying baskets and a temperature control unit that helps prevent overheating. The model has an energy-saving function and fits within most mobile food stalls’ budgets.

However, the model has a small capacity of 16 L, which may not be efficient when you have a busy day. Besides, the Nurxiovo model does not have a fryer cover to prevent oil from splashing.

WeChef Commercial Deep Fryer

The WeChef Commercial Deep Fryer is an excellent choice for those who emphasize efficiency and are not worried about spending more on a food truck fryer. The model has a fryer cover to prevent hot oil from splashing and a faucet for efficient draining. It also comes with a 60-minute timer to help you manage your cooking.

Like the Nurxiovo model, the WeChef deep fryer has a temperature control device to prevent overheating. It also has a dual tank with a capacity of 23L, making it appropriate for areas with higher demand for fried foods.

The only major shortcoming about the WeChef is its cost, as it is among the most expensive mobile food fryers.

TAIMIKO Commercial Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

If you start your food truck business on a budget, the TAIMIKO is a good option. It has a duo tank with a 20L capacity and comes with a lid cover for each basket. Unlike the WeChef model, the TAIMIKO does not have an oil drain faucet.


Build your Custom Food Truck Today

Starting a food truck business should not be complicated. You’ll need to fit an existing truck with the right appliances, but you should pay attention to the fryer. It should fit within the available space and budget.

Visit our website to build your custom food truck today and generate a free quote.

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