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5 Tips for Catering Food Trucks You Need to Know

legionfoodtrucks - June 1, 2022 - 0 comments

An ideal way for food truck owners to create an additional revenue stream is to tap into the catering business. Catering gives you the freedom to run foodservice operations without the constraints of regular hours or timetables. 

Customers love food trucks because of the convenience. You can offer almost any cuisine delivered and prepared fresh without taking up a single square foot of your customer’s kitchen space. This makes catering food trucks a great option for a variety of different events and occasions – from casual lunches to formal weddings. 

Below are pointers to successfully expand your food truck into the catering business.

catering food trucks

Gain Catering Food Trucks Experience and Exposure

Like any other business initiative, a startup necessitates a certain amount of expertise. Before starting your own catering food truck business, consider volunteering or working with a well-known catering food truck company.

While researching business requirements and operation is helpful, nothing beats the firsthand experience and direction gained by working with an expert.

Choose a Concept

Developing solid concepts or themes can improve the salability of your catering food truck business. Concentrate your idea on your interests and create and test your menu.

It is crucial to consider the population you will be servicing, the pricing of your services, and whether you have access to the necessary equipment to keep your theme going.

Locate a Good Working Space

Most states have rules that make it illegal for caterers to work from their homes. If you’re firm on operating from your home kitchen, you will have to make significant changes to your property and obtain consent from local government officials.

Alternatively, most catering food trucks begin by leasing a kitchen area or constructing their own. Renting commercial kitchen areas is the most cost-effective alternative if you’re just beginning or have a limited volume of business.

Examine Liability Issues

Before catering for your initial event, make sure you have all of the necessary permissions and that your staff and kitchen are well-versed in food safety procedures and regulations.

A little forethought pays off in unanticipated foodservice situations. Consider the most typical challenges your food trucking catering services might face, and collaborate with your team to develop a response strategy.

Select Your Staff

Getting the right people to assist you in preparing and also serve your menu items might be difficult. When choosing your team and integrating them into the business, take the following into account:

  • Determine whether your business is big enough to employ more people.
  • Start with temporary services until you expand your business.
  • Make uniforms available.
  • Provide proper food safety and serving protocols training.

catering food trucks

Develop a Promotion and Marketing Strategy

Now that your business has a set foundation, it is time to put it there. This will be determined by the catering services you intend to establish. For instance, if you’re interested in formal events, you can reach out to event planners or display your menu during wedding exhibitions.

These are tips for catering food trucks should keep in mind to successfully expand into a new market. And if you’re ready to add another truck to your fleet, Contact Legion Food Trucks today to start your next food truck custom build! 

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