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How To Bring Food Trucks to Your School This Year

legionfoodtrucks - May 8, 2023 - 0 comments

Food trucks on school campuses have become a growing trend. School districts across the U.S are using custom school food trucks to increase participation in school lunch programs and other vital initiatives.

School food trucks can add some excitement to your school campus while providing healthy meal alternatives you do it the right way. And with more schools are using food trucks to feed their students and teaching staff, this is the best time to join in.

This blog post will explore the trend of school food trucks and provide some guidance on building your own school food truck.

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Why are school food trucks becoming popular?

Food trucks on school campuses represent the growing trend of a healthy diet that benefits your students and faculty. Students get quickly fed up with the same menu in their dining facilities and will stop participating in school lunch programs. Food trucks can cater to students by offering a variety of exciting – and even healthy – food truck menus and easily-accessible facilities on campus. 

School-based food trucks have plenty of room for new ideas. They allow for the exploration of different menus and offer exciting healthy-based menu options for students and faculty. You can extend your dining options for your university campus with a wholesome food truck menu.

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5 Uses For a School Food Truck

#1. Football Games

School sports fans are loud, energetic, and often frequented by hungry fans. For decades, the food available has had no significant change, with popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, and sodas being common. Bringing in a food truck for the school stationed at the sports games is a great way to spice up the menu for football fans to cheer on their team and socialize with friends and family. Offering healthy alternatives may be a welcome change at these events and become a popular choice for regular attendees.  

#2. Charity Events

Food trucks are a great way to cater to the large crowds’ hunger at school-based fundraisers and give back to society. Your truck can reap substantial returns by selling healthy food at school charity events and donating a part of the profits to a charity of the consumers’ choice. You can also benefit from a platform to showcase your menu and acquire new customers who care about the cause you are supporting for their school.

#3. School Dances

A homecoming dance is a much-awaited event for most high school students, and you’re most likely to get a hungry crowd. Socializing, dancing, and photoshoots can take their toll on the stomach. A food truck can offer students an exciting menu during and after the school dance and a way to hydrate while dancing. 

#4. Finals Week

Finals are nerve-racking for most students. Students are busy preparing for their tests. A food truck can offer them the convenience of having food within walking distance and an excellent way to wind down with fellow students. Having healthy food options available during a stressful time in a student’s life can be essential to their performance. A great way to foster education and offer a “study oasis” is to proudly display the healthy food your food truck offers and the brain-boosting benefits that it can provide!   

#5 Lunch Trucks

Another idea is a lunch truck that caters to the mid-day students needing a meal. You can make your lunch truck more convenient by allowing students to use their dining hall IDs to pay for their orders. Another benefit of lunch food-based trucks is flexibility, as school food trucks extend the foodservice activities on campus. 

Students working for a diploma in foodservice management represent a wide range of natural truck operational talents on campus. They may benefit from learning the ins and outs of the business for their future careers. 

Entice Students With A School Food Truck

With a school food truck, you don’t need to be stressed about expanding or building a new dining facility to cater to the growing number of students. All you need is to invest in an affordable food truck and offer exciting menus for both students and staff. Contact us to learn more and start building your truck today.

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