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Is Starting A Food Truck Business Right for You?

legionfoodtrucks - January 18, 2023 - 0 comments

Starting a food truck can be a lucrative business venture. However, the food truck industry is highly competitive and full of challenges, so it’s best to know what you are getting yourself into before you begin building your first truck.

Below are the pros and cons to determine if starting a food truck business is right for you. 

Pros of Starting A Food Truck Business

Below are the benefits of starting a food truck business venture.

  1. It is less risky than traditional restaurants. Food trucks have fewer startup costs, making them a less risky way of entering the food and beverage industry. The traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant comes with considerable risks, which can be costly.
  2. Independence. You get to be your own boss with your own food truck, unlike if you’re working under someone. You can create your own menu and serve different foods that you invented. Food trucks help showcase your culinary skills and produce unique menus that can give you a competitive advantage.
  3. Flexibility. A food truck business is movable. It is not confined to a single geographical location. As such, you can change locations occasionally in pursuit of a different market or other uncontrollable reasons. Such flexibility provides ample opportunities to promote your products. There are multiple ways you can market your food truck business. You can park your truck near a summer festival, near busy offices where employees take their meals, etc.  

6 Common Food Truck Permits You Need To Start Your Business CTA

Cons of Starting A Food Truck Business

As with any venture, the food truck business has its share of disadvantages, such as;

  • Small space. A food truck is relatively small compared to traditional restaurants. Food trucks tend to be small, and each city has its requirements for food truck sizes. The average food truck measures 120 square feet. Therefore, it isn’t the ideal business idea if you’re claustrophobic.
  • Trucks require maintenance and occasional repairs. Food trucks can be costly to purchase. Therefore, most people prefer to purchase second-hand old model vehicles that they remodel to use as food trucks. Unfortunately, such old models may break down unexpectedly from time to time. Repairs can be costly, just as much as maintenance costs. 
  • You must comply with local zoning laws. Regardless of the food truck’s mobility, you can’t park anywhere. Cities have different local zoning restrictions, designating commercial and non-commercial zones. As a result, most food truck business owners plan their schedule months in advance to get permits for parking in specific spots. If required, you may have to also adhere to parking restrictions and pay for parking like normal cars. Parking costs can be costly, especially if piled up.

Should You Start A Food Truck Business?

The food truck business is a legitimately fantastic business idea for anyone planning to enter the hotel industry. Having considered the pros and cons of the food truck business, most people gravitate towards the pros, especially since the cons can be manageable with effective partnerships. 

Legion Food Trucks is more than a manufacturer, we are your business partner. We understand the fundamentals of the food truck industry and can help you ease the startup process. Contact us to help you start a food truck business. 

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